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If your company does not have an online presence, you are missing the opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers.

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¿Why work with me?

Working with Digital Tgn offers you numerous benefits for your business throughout Spain.

Experience and knowledge: Digital Tgn has a professional specialized in this area.

Time saving: When you work with Digital Tgn, you don't have to worry about website development or SEO, as I take care of everything.
This allows you to save time and focus on other important aspects of your business.

Customization: Every business has different needs and objectives. Digital Tgn offers services to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your goals.

Improved search engine positioning: Digital Tgn offers to help you improve your search engine positioning so that you can reach your target audience more effectively.

Improved user experience: A well-designed and easy-to-navigate website can improve the user experience, which can increase customer satisfaction and, in turn, improve conversions.

In short, working with Digital Tgn can bring numerous benefits to your business.

From expertise and knowledge to personalised services and improved search engine rankings, Digital Tgn can help you achieve your goals and grow your business online.


Some of the work I have done


My Services

Web design

I offer high quality custom website and online shop design and development services, using state-of-the-art technologies to create attractive websites.

Web maintenance

I offer website and online shop maintenance services to ensure that your website is up to date, secure and running smoothly.

Seo Local

I offer local SEO services to help businesses improve their online visibility and drive more local traffic to their website and use search engine optimisation techniques to improve rankings.

Your website is always legal

We help you with your corporate website or online shop, to stay current with the regulations and save you a fine of up to 4% of your annual turnover.

Web designer in L'Ametlla de Mar

I offer you my help and my ideas to create your project.


Web development and design

A key benefit of hiring a website development service is that you can get a customised and professional website that reflects your brand image and meets the specific needs of your business.


Web Maintainer

A key benefit of hiring a website maintenance service is that you can be sure that your website will be kept up to date, secure and running smoothly.


Seo Local

A key positive of hiring a local SEO service is that you can improve the visibility of your website in local search results and attract more relevant traffic to your website.


I legalise your website or online shop

Installation of acceptance of customised cookies for your website or business and updating of all legal texts.

Freelancer web designer in L'Ametlla de Mar

Digital Tgn

My name is Christian and I am a web developer and web designer with more than 20 years of experience in the field of web development and programming offering a service throughout Spain. From an early age, I have had a keen interest in technology and have dedicated my time to perfecting my skills in web development. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in web development and have worked with a wide range of clients in different industries. I have developed and customised websites for small businesses, non-profit organisations, large and small companies, and much more. In addition to my web development experience, I am passionate about continuous learning and keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in the web programming field. I am always looking for new ways to improve my skills and provide my clients with the best possible services.

The payment is only for the web page that I develop for you, after that you will have to pay annually for the domain and the hosting, which will be taken care of by the company that we hire on the Internet.
Sometimes cheap is expensive, that's why I adapt to your economy so that we can both win.
I usually do them in 2 weeks, depending on how big the project is.


¡Contact me or ask for a quote!

If you need to contact me or have any questions, feel free to write to me and I will be happy to respond as soon as possible.

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    43860 L'Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona.

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